Setting up SASS on Windows

Installing Ruby

First we need to have ruby installed, so head over to and

select one of the versions to download, this is the Ruby 2.3

You will likely need to add the path where Rube was installed to to you Environmental Path

variable, so from Control Panel -> System and then click Advanced Setting Settings, and

then look for Environmental Variables button to bring up a the dialog - then System Variables

and look for Path. The default path for Ruby 2.3 is C:\Ruby23\bin

Reboot your machine once this is done.

Install Sublime text highlighting

Next head into Sublime to install the SASS package

In Subline go to Preferences /Browse Packages

In the folder that opens up, right hand click and select Git Bash Here, and then use the

following command to install the Sublime SASS Package

git clone bundle.git

Installing SASS and Compass

On server

Sudo apt-get install ruby

Next install SASS from a command prompt

Sudo gem install sass

Sudo gem install compass

Create a config.rb file in the root of the project

css_dir = ’path to the cssfolder’

sass_dir = 'path to the sass folder'

Compile using

Compass watch